Omaha Nebraska Home Insurance – Why You Shouldn’t Settle For A Multi-Policy Discount

It pays to buy more than one policy from the same insurance company as this will attract considerable savings. Insurers give discounts (multi-policy discounts) for policy holders who buy more than one policy from them.Although you’ll get discounts for buying many policies from the same insurer, you make save more by buying each of your policy from a different company. I’ll take some time out to explain this well…We’ll work in the assumption that you have life, auto, health and home insurance policies. You can expect reasonable discounts from any insurer with whom you maintain this many policies. However, we’ll look at it from a rather broader view to see another possibility.Following are made up rates for a profile’s different policies with different insurers just to buttress this point…Omaha Nebraska Insurer AAuto insurance: $3,400Health insurance: $2,300Home insurance: $2,050Life insurance: $2,470Omaha Nebraska Insurer BAuto insurance: $2,490Health insurance: $2,380Home insurance: $2,452Life insurance: $3,070Omaha Nebraska Insurer CAuto insurance: $2,712Health insurance: $1,090Home insurance: $2,870Life insurance: $2,965Omaha Nebraska Insurer DAuto insurance: $2,985Health insurance: $2,320Home insurance: $2,710Life insurance: $2,065Assuming these rates were given to you, your total for the four policies would be $10,220 if you bought from Omaha Nebraska Insurer A. However, your total insurance spend will drop to $9,198 if you’re given a multi-policy discount of 10 percent. This is quite remarkable considering that you’ll save over $1,000.Although the savings made with a multi-policy discount is quite big, let us see what would have been the case if you chose to buy from different insurers who offered you the best price for each policy.The following are the best rate quotes for the different policies: Home insurance: $2,050 from Insurer A; Auto insurance: $2,490 from Insurer B; Life insurance: $2,065 from Insurer D; Health insurance: $1,090 from Insurer C.This gives a total of $7,695 although you weren’t given any multi-policy discount. By Doing extensive shopping and picking the best rates from different insurers, you’d have paid $1,503 less than someone of the same profile who bought from the first insurer with a 10% multi-policy discount.This might not always be the case for everyone depending on how well you shopped before buying. But you’ll do well to check first. Take your time to get and compare as many home insurance quotes from as many quotes sites as you can.You’ll almost always save a lot more if you get and compare quotes from not less than five quotes sites because you’ll be less likely to miss many great offers.